Ruben Colomer, our General Partner, concludes the Mar de Cortes Forum with a presentation on AI.

«Companies that do not adapt to this revolution will face multiple risks and will be at a competitive disadvantage in an increasingly innovative market».

Los Cabos, BCS. November 10, 2023. Artificial intelligence is going to change our lives, from personal to business, and it will revolutionize all sectors, offering opportunities to learn, innovate and grow, said Rubén Colomer Flos.

During his presentation of the conference ‘Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World’ at the Summit 2023 Prosperity: A Possible Purpose, organized by the Sea of Cortez Forum, the co-founder and partner of Next Tier Ventures emphasized the importance of understanding its potential and how we can take advantage of it.

‘Artificial intelligence is not only a technological marvel, it is an economic driving force with investments already amounting to trillions worldwide. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we do business, increase productivity, and create new markets and units,’ he stressed.

A Future That Has Already Arrived Colomer Flos indicated that artificial intelligence is showing an annual growth of 50% year over year and it is expected that by 2030 the market for generative artificial intelligence will reach one trillion US dollars.

‘Artificial intelligence has ceased to be a simple trend and has become an essential tool for competitiveness. Companies that understand its potential will be at the forefront in their respective markets,’ he assured.

The expert reflected that when the Internet arrived the change was radical, but artificial intelligence will be much more revolutionary, and therefore, organizations that proactively adopt these tools and their applications will be better positioned for the future.

‘It is an opportunity to learn, innovate, grow, and respond to the changing demands of the market. The artificial intelligence revolution is already here, it’s time to invest, adapt, and learn. Don’t wait for the wave of change to overwhelm you. It’s time to act and be part of this new era,’ he warned.

AI opens up opportunities for companies to learn, innovate and grow: Rubén Colomer. Adapt or Deal with the Consequences The Spanish speaker predicted that companies that do not know how to adapt artificial intelligence will face multiple risks, from losing market share to more innovative competitors to a reduction in operational efficiency due to lack of automation and optimization.

This resistance to change will lead to a perception of obsolescence, resulting in a loss of relevance in an increasingly competitive, dynamic, and technology-oriented market, he said.

During his presentation, Colomer Flos described examples of the use that is already being made of artificial intelligence in different sectors, as well as the risks and fears in the face of these new tools.»

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