NextTier Ventures Embarks on Insightful Journey to Miami: Embracing the ‘Always Open Funding Round’ Mindset

NextTier Ventures recently concluded their #MissionMiami, imparting a crucial lesson to startups: the importance of an ‘always open’ funding round, a key aspect of the American #mindset. This approach underlines that investment opportunities can arise unexpectedly and from various sources, not just traditional VCs. These could be potential clients, fellow startup founders, and others.

In a world marked by uncertainty, startups need to be prepared for all outcomes. Financial stability is crucial to withstand the highs and lows of business cycles. A notable example shared during our trip was that of Ryan Petersen, founder of Flexport, who controversially raised $1 billion despite not being in dire need of funds, right before the pandemic hit.

Another interesting takeaway was the use of investment instruments like the #Safe, popular in the U.S. but less known in Spain. Humberto Pertuz of Vozy, speaking at an event in Miami, highlighted this difference to our participating startups, emphasizing the need to adapt to such evolving funding strategies.

‘Not being in a funding round is no longer an option’ was a key message, emphasizing the need for constant readiness to seize financial opportunities, a lesson NextTier Ventures brings back from Miami.»

Next Tier Ventures Launches to Invest in Artificial Intelligence Startups

Next Tier Ventures will focus its activity on artificial intelligence startups in Europe, the USA, and Latin America and is led by Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer.

Based in Valencia and Miami, Next Tier Ventures’ potential is to help startups be born global from the outset, building a strategic bridge between the two cities to facilitate the growth of their startups.

Both General Managers are well-known for their career in the tech scene. With many projects created and invested in, and as initiators of the first ecosystems created in Spain, this time they have decided to come together and fully commit to the technology that will change everything – artificial intelligence. «We have always liked to ride the upcoming wave, and we have already surfed quite a few, but this one will deeply impact our lifestyle, our economy; it will be a paradigm shift, and this commitment is to live it from its beginnings, which gives us an advantage,» says Patricia Pastor, founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

The data confirms it: in 2022, global private investment in artificial intelligence reached $136.5 billion, and since May of last year, only 5 of the companies sold exceeded 25 billion. Artificial intelligence is a significant long-term investment opportunity, as it has the potential to transform entire industries. All sectors will be affected by advances in this field.

«After 5 years of investing in Artificial Intelligence, and seeing the emerging generative AI startups, we realize that the impact will be as significant as the Internet in the 90s, and we want to be part of this new future,» says Rubén Colomer, co-founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

-Next Tier Club-
Another differentiating but innovative part of Next Tier Ventures is its new Club. Its members are part of an exclusive portfolio that gives you access to business trips, access to a powerful global network of investors and advisors. Its partners include founders and professionals from the entrepreneurial, technological, and investment ecosystem with headquarters in Valencia, Miami, Mexico City, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. Joining Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer is an experienced team such as Diego Moya; serial entrepreneur with two exits, investor and co-founder of the first Blockchain Hub in Spain, Fernando Óñiga, investor and entrepreneur both organizers of Misión Miami, and on the international side with prestigious professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and investors like Javier Capucci and Federico Vázquez.

Next Tier Club is undoubtedly a new concept in this environment that provides a unique meeting space for the growth of startups at an international level.

Nace Next Tier Ventures para invertir en startups de Inteligencia Artificial 

Next Tier Ventures centrará su actividad en startups de inteligencia artificial en Europa, Usa y Latinoamérica y está liderado por Patricia Pastor y Ruben Colomer. 

Con base en Valencia y Miami, el potencial de Next Tier Ventures es ayudar a que las startups nazcan globales desde el primer momento, construyendo un puente estratégico entre las dos ciudades para facilitar el crecimiento de sus startups.

De sobra es conocida la trayectoria de ambos General Managers en la escena tecnológica. Con muchos proyectos creados e invertidos a sus espaldas y siendo iniciadores de los primeros ecosistemas que se crearon en España, esta vez han decidido juntarse y apostar de lleno por la tecnología que lo va a cambiar todo, la inteligencia artificial. – “ Siempre nos ha gustado subirnos a la ola que viene y ya llevamos surfeadas unas cuantas pero esta va a impactar profundamente en nuestro estilo de vida, en nuestra economía, va a ser un cambio de paradigma y esta apuesta es para vivirlo desde sus inicios, lo que nos da una ventaja” – comenta Patricia Pastor fundadora y GP de Next Tier Ventures. 

Los datos lo confirman: en 2022, la inversión privada mundial en inteligencia artificial alcanzó los $136.5 mil millones, y desde mayo del año pasado, solo 5 de las empresas vendidas superaron los 25 mil millones. La inteligencia artificial es una gran oportunidad de inversión a largo plazo, puesto que tiene potencial para transformar industrias enteras. Todos los sectores se van a ver afectados por los avances en este campo.

“Tras 5 años invirtiendo en Inteligencia Artificial, y al ver las nuevas startups de IA generativa emergentes, nos damos cuenta que el impacto será tan grande como el de Internet en los 90, queremos formar parte de este nuevo futuro” – señala Rubén Colomer co-fundador y GP de Next Tier Ventures. 

   -Next Tier Club-

Otra parte diferencial pero muy novedosa de Next Tier Ventures es su nuevo Club. Sus miembros forman parte de un exclusivo portfolio, viajes de negocios, una potente red de inversores y de advisors a los que acceden a escala global. Sus partners lo conforman fundadores y profesionales del ecosistema emprendedor, tecnológico e inversor con sedes en Valencia, Miami, Ciudad de México, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Nueva York y Miami. Junto a Patricia Pastor y Ruben Colomer se suma un equipo experimentado como Diego Moya; emprendedor en serie con dos exits, inversor y cofundador del primer Hub de Blockchain en España, Fernando Óñiga, inversor y empresario ambos organizadores de Misión Miami y en la parte internacional con profesionales de prestigio, empresarios, abogados e inversores como Javier Capucci y Federico Vázquez. 

Next Tier Club es sin duda un nuevo concepto en este entorno que procura un espacio de encuentro único para el crecimiento de las startups a nivel internacional.

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