Next Tier Ventures Launches to Invest in Artificial Intelligence Startups

Next Tier Ventures will focus its activity on artificial intelligence startups in Europe, the USA, and Latin America and is led by Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer.

Based in Valencia and Miami, Next Tier Ventures’ potential is to help startups be born global from the outset, building a strategic bridge between the two cities to facilitate the growth of their startups.

Both General Managers are well-known for their career in the tech scene. With many projects created and invested in, and as initiators of the first ecosystems created in Spain, this time they have decided to come together and fully commit to the technology that will change everything – artificial intelligence. «We have always liked to ride the upcoming wave, and we have already surfed quite a few, but this one will deeply impact our lifestyle, our economy; it will be a paradigm shift, and this commitment is to live it from its beginnings, which gives us an advantage,» says Patricia Pastor, founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

The data confirms it: in 2022, global private investment in artificial intelligence reached $136.5 billion, and since May of last year, only 5 of the companies sold exceeded 25 billion. Artificial intelligence is a significant long-term investment opportunity, as it has the potential to transform entire industries. All sectors will be affected by advances in this field.

«After 5 years of investing in Artificial Intelligence, and seeing the emerging generative AI startups, we realize that the impact will be as significant as the Internet in the 90s, and we want to be part of this new future,» says Rubén Colomer, co-founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

-Next Tier Club-
Another differentiating but innovative part of Next Tier Ventures is its new Club. Its members are part of an exclusive portfolio that gives you access to business trips, access to a powerful global network of investors and advisors. Its partners include founders and professionals from the entrepreneurial, technological, and investment ecosystem with headquarters in Valencia, Miami, Mexico City, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. Joining Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer is an experienced team such as Diego Moya; serial entrepreneur with two exits, investor and co-founder of the first Blockchain Hub in Spain, Fernando Óñiga, investor and entrepreneur both organizers of Misión Miami, and on the international side with prestigious professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and investors like Javier Capucci and Federico Vázquez.

Next Tier Club is undoubtedly a new concept in this environment that provides a unique meeting space for the growth of startups at an international level.

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