NextTier Ventures Embarks on Insightful Journey to Miami: Embracing the ‘Always Open Funding Round’ Mindset

NextTier Ventures recently concluded their #MissionMiami, imparting a crucial lesson to startups: the importance of an ‘always open’ funding round, a key aspect of the American #mindset. This approach underlines that investment opportunities can arise unexpectedly and from various sources, not just traditional VCs. These could be potential clients, fellow startup founders, and others.

In a world marked by uncertainty, startups need to be prepared for all outcomes. Financial stability is crucial to withstand the highs and lows of business cycles. A notable example shared during our trip was that of Ryan Petersen, founder of Flexport, who controversially raised $1 billion despite not being in dire need of funds, right before the pandemic hit.

Another interesting takeaway was the use of investment instruments like the #Safe, popular in the U.S. but less known in Spain. Humberto Pertuz of Vozy, speaking at an event in Miami, highlighted this difference to our participating startups, emphasizing the need to adapt to such evolving funding strategies.

‘Not being in a funding round is no longer an option’ was a key message, emphasizing the need for constant readiness to seize financial opportunities, a lesson NextTier Ventures brings back from Miami.»

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